The question to me is not whether the government has the right to seize and redistribute the wealth of some people to help others stay alive. The question I always ask the diehard Capitalist is why, if you have a heart beating in your chest, would you ever choose to have a 20 million dollar mansion, when others die for lack of basic survival items?

Steven Pennyworth, egalitarian author of A Different Logic, a liberal rebuttal to Atlas Shrugged (via adifferentlogicnovel)

We just can’t seem to stop burning up all those buried trees from way back in the carboniferous age, in the form of coal, and the remains of ancient plankton, in the form of oil and gas. If we could, we’d be home free climate wise. Instead, we’re dumping carbon dioxide into the atmosphere at a rate the Earth hasn’t seen since the great climate catastrophes of the past, the ones that led to mass extinctions. We just can’t seem to break our addiction to the kinds of fuel that will bring back a climate last seen by the dinosaurs, a climate that will drown our coastal cities and wreak havoc on the environment and our ability to feed ourselves. All the while, the glorious sun pours immaculate free energy down upon us, more than we will ever need. Why can’t we summon the ingenuity and courage of the generations that came before us? The dinosaurs never saw that asteroid coming. What’s our excuse?

Neil deGrasse Tyson

Finally, Neil deGrasse Tyosn and ‘Cosmos’ Take On Climate Change

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FINALLY: Israel accused of its warcrimes by members of parliament in the UK

"We should not equate the occupied with the occupier, we should not equate a refugee population of 1.7mil imprisoned in a tiny strip of land, with prison guards, we should not equate terrorists firing rockets with a supposedly "civilized" state systematically killing women, children, disabled and elderly people…If UK and other Western governments fail to discriminate between the actions of Hamas and israel, hundreds of Palestinian civilians will continue to die and the annexation of Palestine by israel will continue.”


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Bill Nye gets serious about science awareness.